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The Azorean Heritage in Cecilia Meireles’s Writings

Ana Maria Lisboa de Mello


This paper aims to examine Cecília Meireles’s writings from the perspective of the presence of a Portuguese (mainly Azorean) cultural heritage that was passed on by her grandmother, an immigrant from the island of São Miguel, Azores. The paper also illustrates, within this heritage, the presence of India in Meireles’s literary work—an interest that was also evoked by her grandmother’s memories, and resulted in the publication of “Poems Writ-ten in India.” By receiving and then transforming Azorean memory through her own imagination, Cecília Meireles occupies a singular place among Brazilian poets. We can say that she occupies a cultural “inter-place” that becomes a sort of symbolic territoriality.


Azores; heritage; folklore; memory; Cecília Meireles

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