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Familial and Societal Relationships in Charles Reis Felix’s Novel Da Gama, Cary Grant, and the Election of 1934

Isabel Oliveira Martins


Abstract. This essay aims to analyze one of Charles Reis Felix’s novels, namely Da Gama, Cary Grant, and the Election of 1934, published in 2005. Most of Felix’s work depicts his Portuguese-American legacy and this short novel is no exception. The point of view in the novel is conveyed through an omniscient narrator who follows the experiences of Seraphin, a Portuguese-American teenager growing up in the fictitious town of Gaw, which comprises a multitude of immigrant communities. The relationship between the individual and community as well as the bond between the individual and his/her family are some of the main themes of the novel and thus will be analyzed within the broader framework of the Portuguese-American experience and the American dream.


: Individual, family, society/community, Portuguese Americans, American dream

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