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Educating Opinion, Invigorating Intellectual Links, Promoting International Solidarity: T. B. Cunha’s Anticolonial Nationalism

Sandra Ataíde Lobo


The present study approaches T. B. Cunha’s years in Paris, in particular his writings along the 1920’s, linking such activity to his intervention in major debates that primordially ran in intellectual magazines and newspapers, namely regarding the role of the intellectuals, the Indian National movement and anticolonial thought and activism. As a Marxist anticolonial nationalist thinker, acting when such family of thinkers was gaining form, his writings should be inscribed in the process of affirmation of the autonomy of anticolonial thought and movement, anticipating directions lengthily explored latter by other better-known authors. These writings are furthermore important to read his action, along the thirty years that followed, for the cultural and political liberation of Goa from Portuguese colonialism.


Anticolonial nationalisms, Indian National Movement, Intellectuals from the Colonies in Europe, Intellectual movements and periodical press, T. B. Cunha

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