Vol 2 (2013)

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EDITORS Irene Maria F. Blayer and Dulce Maria Scott

Table of Contents


From the Top of the Racial Pyramid in Hawai’i: Demonizing the Hawaiian Portuguese in Elvira Osorio Roll’s Fiction PDF
Reinaldo Silva 7-31
Dislocation and Repossession in O Navio dos Negros, Jorge Silva Melo’s Theatrical Reading of Benito Cereno PDF
Diana Vieira Almeida, Margarida Vale de Gato 33-44
O Retorno, de Dulce Maria Cardoso, e o Lugar dos que não Têm Lugar PDF
Paulo Ricardo Kralik Angelini 45-60
Sharing Status and Appropriating Identity: The Case of the Conselho da Diáspora Portuguesa PDF
Sandi Michele de Oliveira 61-76


Portuguese in Toronto: Interplay between Present, Past, and Future PDF
Ken Smith 79-91

Backward Glance

Why I Am of Two Minds when It Comes to John Philip Sousa PDF
George Monteiro 95-102


Trails PDF
Richard Simas 105-109
O Meu Tio do Brasil PDF
Mário T. Cabral 111-115
Black on White PDF
Julieta Almeida Rodrigues 117-130


Técnicas de Flutuação para Amadores PDF
Marcos Siscar 133-134
Hand-Me-Down Refuge PDF
Art Coelho 135-138
Down to the Sea in Ships and The Prodigal’s Return PDF
George Monteiro 139-141


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Paulo Teodoro de Matos 145-149
Manuel de Queiroz, Os Passos da Glória. Lisboa: Bertrand Editora, 2008. Pp. 494. Paperback. PDF
Maria Tavares 151-157
Isabel Maria Fidalgo Mateus. A Terra do Chiculate – Relatos da Emigração Portuguesa. Coimbra: Gráfica de Coimbra, 2011. Pp. 214. Paperback. PDF
Catarina Inverno 159-164
Jennifer McGarrigle and Maria Lucinda Fonseca, coordinators. Modes of Inter-Ethnic Coexistence in Three Neighbourhoods in the Lisbon Metropolitan Areas: A Comparative Perspective. Lisbon: Edições Colibri, 2012. Pp. 214. Paperback. PDF
Lu Wang 165-167
Carolin Overhoff Ferreira. Identity and Difference. Postcoloniality and Transnationality in Lusophone Films. Münster: LIT Verlag, 2012. Pp. 262. Paperback and e-book. PDF
Joana Pimentel 169-171
Alice R. Clemente and George Monteiro (editors). The Gávea-Brown Book of Portuguese-American Poetry. Providence: Gávea-Brown Publications, 2012. Pp. 269. Paperback. PDF
John M. Kinsella 173-175

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