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IJPDS accepts thesis abstracts for publication, which address historical and contemporary topics related to the Portuguese diaspora, from the 15th century to the present. Topics may include overseas expansion, colonial history, commerce, trade, migration, immigrant communities, return migration, impact of the diaspora on Portugal, among others.

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Contextualizing place: the Portuguese community in Toronto Abstract
Abreu-Ferreira, Darlene
Graduate Studies, York University- CANADA, 1994
The cod trade in early-modern Portugal deregulation, English domination, and the decline of female cod merchants Abstract
Abreu-Ferreira, Darlene
History, Memorial University of Newfoundland - CANADA, 1995
Putting Rungs on the Ladder: Portuguese Emigration, Return Migration and the Restructuring of Northern Rural Society Abstract
Acheson, Julianna
Anthropology, The University of Arizona - UNITED STATES, 1990
Childhood, schooling, family, and community: reflections of mothers Abstract
Aguiar, Margarida
Adult Education, Community Development and CounseIling Psychology, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/Toronto University - CANADA, 2001
The dirt on the contract building cleaning industry in Toronto cleanliness and work reorganization Abstract
Aguiar, Luis Leonardo Marques
Sociology, York University - CANADA, 1999
The school and immigration histories of women from the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores region of Portugal: Its impact on their relationship with their children's education within Toronto's elementary school system Abstract
Aguiar, Maria Margarida
Education, University of Toronto - CANADA, 1994
Un aventurier Portugais en extreme-orient au XVIe siecle : contribution a l'etude de la mentalite de Fernao Mendes Pinto Abstract
Almeida, Fernando Antonio
Social Sciences, Universite de Liege - BELGIUM, 1969
Converting Land into Property in the Portuguese Atlantic World, 16th--18th Century Abstract
Alveal, Carmen
History, The Johns Hopkins University - UNITED STATES, 2007
How to Expect the Portuguese Inquisition Abstract
Anderson, Robert Warren
Economics, George Mason University - UNITED STATES, 2011
Ilhas riqueza, ilhas miseria. A representacao literaria da insularidadde num triangulo atlantico lusofono Abstract
Areias, Maria Laura Pereira
Romance Literature, Tulane University - UNITED STATES, 2000
Avery, Thomas Leroy
Social Sciences, Folklore, Indiana University - UNITED STATES, 1984
Cultural Encounters in a Global World Abstract
Azevedo, Guilherme
Management, McGill University - CANADA, 2010
International Labor Movements: Portuguese Emigration to the United States, 1820-1930 Abstract
Baganha, Maria Ioannis Benis
History, Univesity of Pennsylvania - UNITED STATES, 1988
Stirring the Melting Pot: Food and the Performance of Inclusion in Newark’s Ironbound Neighborhood Abstract
Baptista, Lori Danielle Barcliff
Performance Studies, Northwestern University - UNITED STATES, 2009
The Combined Effects of Trauma and Immigration on Portuguese Female Immigrants Abstract
Barbosa, Fatima
Psychology, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology - UNITED STATES, 2005
Os Jesuítas, a Universidade de Coimbra e a Igreja Brasileira, Subsídios para a Historia do Regalismo em Portugal e no Brasil, 1750-1850 (Portuguese Text) Abstract
Beal, Tarcisio
History, The Catholic University of America - UNITED STATES, 1969
A study of the acculturation of cultural minority social workers to Canadian values through social work education Abstract
Bell, Bernice H.
Social Work, A study of the acculturation of cultural minority social workers to Canadian values through social work education
Effects of Portuguese Heritage Schooling (Escolas Oficiais Portuguesas) On Language Attitudes, Cultural Identity, Academic Performance, and Educational Aspirations Of Portuguese American Students: A Comparative Study Abstract
Bento, Antonio Maria Veloso
Education, University of Massachusetts Lowell - UNITED STATES, 2000
Fatal Attractions in Luso-Brazilian Literature: A Study of Machado de Assis, Eca de Queiros and Contemporary Poets Abstract
Berry-Horton, Glenna
Hispanic Languages and Literatures, University of California, Santa Barbara - UNITED STATES, 2005
Drinking, heavy drinking and problem drinking among Montreal Portuguese Abstract
Bertolote, Jose Manoel
Department of Psychiatry, McGill University- CANADA, 1978
Diplomatic struggles: British support in Spain and Portugal, 1800--1810 Abstract
Black, Jr., Frederick H.
History, The Florida State University - UNITED STATES, 2005
Achieving Full Citizenship: An Institutional Approach to the Political Incorporation of Immigrants and Refugees in the United States and Canada Abstract
Bloemraad, Irene Hanneke Ina
Sociology, Harvard University - UNITED STATES, 2003
The Azorean culture: An examination in insularity's formulation of a culture within a culture Abstract
Bohn, Rita
Sociology, California State University, Dominguez Hills - UNITED STATES, 2003.
Portuguese in Two Worlds: A Historical Study of Migration from Algarve to Argentina Abstract
Borges, Marcelo
History, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - UNITED STATES, 1997
The Relationship of Relevant Curriculum Materials to the Achievement of First Grade Portuguese Bilingual Students Abstract
Botelho, Joao P.
Education, Boston University - UNITED STATES, 1983
Constituting ethnic difference : an ethnography of the Portuguese immigrant experience in Vancouver Abstract
Boulter, Alison Isobel
Anthropology and Sociology, University of British Columbia- CANADA, 1978
Boutte, Marie Irene
Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley - UNITED STATES, 1987
Finding their Place in the World Brazilian Migrant Identities in an Interconnected World Abstract
Brasch, Katherine
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/Toronto University - CANADA, 2009
A Banda da Terra: Bandas Filarmonicas and the Performance of Place in Portugal Abstract
Brucher, Katherine M.
Music, University of Michigan - UNITED STATES, 2005
Portuguese Interest in Settlement in Sixteenth-century Northeastern North America: A historiographical reassessment Abstract
Burton, Emily
History, Saint Mary’s University - CANADA, 2005
Anglo-Portuguese Relations from 1898--1914 Especially in Reference to the Portuguese African Colonies Abstract
Cabaniss, Mamie Louise
History, Atlanta University - UNITED STATES, 1937
Better serving immigrant children and families: a Winnipeg Child and Family Services Study Abstract
Cabigting, Mary Joyce
Social Work, University of Manitoba- CANADA, 2002
Portingles, the Language of Portuguese-Speaking People in Selected English-Speaking Communities (Massachusetts) Abstract
Cabral, Adalino
Education, Boston College - UNITED STATES, 1985
Portuguese - American Feasting: Tradition and Change in New Bedford, Massachusetts Abstract
Cabral, Stephen Leonard
Anthropology, Brown University - UNITED STATES, 1978
Evolution des vestiges portugais : quelle integration dans le Maroc contemporain? Abstract
Carabelli, Romeo
Sociology?, Universite Francois-Rabelais - FRANCE, 1999
Patterns of Growth and Development of the Human Skeleton and Dentition in Relation to Environmental Quality: A Biocultural Analysis of a Sample of 20th Century Portuguese Subadult-Documented Skeletons Abstract
Cardoso, Hugo F. V.
Anthropology, McMaster University - CANADA, 2006
Settlement Crossroads: Portuguese Migrants in Australia Abstract
Casimiro, Suzy
Psychology, University of New South Wales - AUSTRALIA, 2002
The tenth isle Abstract
Cazort, Virginia
Sociology, Northeastern University, Massachusetts - UNITED STATES, 1991
The Economics of One Hundred Years of Emigration and Remittances in Portugal Abstract
Chaney, Rick Lamont
Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - UNITED STATES, 1984
The Tides of Migration: A Study of Migration Decision-Making and Social Process in Sao Miguel, Azores Abstract
Chapin, Anne White Frances
Sociology, The University of Wisconsin - Madison, UNITED STATES, 1980
Imperial excess: Corruption and decadence in Portuguese India (1660--1706) Abstract
Chaturvedula, Nandini
History, Columbia University - UNITED STATES, 2010
Adaptive Place-Making and Urban Agriculture Inform the Design of a Portuguese Canadian Cultural Center in West Toronto Abstract
Chaves, Derek Coutinho
Architecture, Dalhousie University - CANADA, 2010
Factors that affect the decisions of racial/ethnic minorites to enter and stay in teachingand the implications for school boards' teacher recruitment and retention policies [microform] Abstract
Cheng, Maisey L.
Education, University of Toronto- CANADA, 2002
Rock solid: African laborers on the diamond mines of the Companhia de Diamantes de Angola (Diamang), 1917--1975 Abstract
Cleveland,, Todd Charles
History, University of Minnesota - UNITED STATES, 2008
Deserving Citizenship? Canadian Immigration Policy and 'Low Skilled' Portuguese Workers in Toronto Abstract
Clifton, Jonathan
Geography, University of BritishColumbia - CANADA, 2008
L'exil politique portugais en France et en Espagne 1927-1940 Abstract
Climaco, Ana Cristina Pereira
Plotics?, Universite de Paris VII (Denis Diderot) - FRANCE, 1998
Ana de Castro Osório and the Portuguese Republican Woman: Vehicle of Regeneration of the Nation and of Preservation of the National Identity Abstract
Cordeiro, Celia Carmen
Spanish and Portuguese, University of Minnesota - UNITED STATES, 2012
Poétique de la réception du personnage chez Saramago. Analyse de L'Évangile selon Jésus-Christ au regard de ses divers effets de lectur Abstract
Cosenza, Barbara Chevallier
Littérature, Université Laval - CANADA, 2008
Jorge de Sena's Correspondence: Another Space of his Oeuvre Abstract
Costa, Jose
Hispanic Literature and Linguistics, University of Massachusetts Amherst - UNITED STATES, 2002
Ethics and aesthetics of irony in José Rodrigues Miguéis’s fiction Abstract
Da Costa, Georges
Etudes du monde lusophone, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3
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