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IJPDS accepts thesis abstracts for publication, which address historical and contemporary topics related to the Portuguese diaspora, from the 15th century to the present. Topics may include overseas expansion, colonial history, commerce, trade, migration, immigrant communities, return migration, impact of the diaspora on Portugal, among others.

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Contextualizing place: the Portuguese community in Toronto Abstract
Abreu-Ferreira, Darlene
Graduate Studies, York University- CANADA, 1994
The cod trade in early-modern Portugal deregulation, English domination, and the decline of female cod merchants Abstract
Abreu-Ferreira, Darlene
History, Memorial University of Newfoundland - CANADA, 1995
Putting Rungs on the Ladder: Portuguese Emigration, Return Migration and the Restructuring of Northern Rural Society Abstract
Acheson, Julianna
Anthropology, The University of Arizona - UNITED STATES, 1990
Childhood, schooling, family, and community: reflections of mothers Abstract
Aguiar, Margarida
Adult Education, Community Development and CounseIling Psychology, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/Toronto University - CANADA, 2001
The dirt on the contract building cleaning industry in Toronto cleanliness and work reorganization Abstract
Aguiar, Luis Leonardo Marques
Sociology, York University - CANADA, 1999
The school and immigration histories of women from the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores region of Portugal: Its impact on their relationship with their children's education within Toronto's elementary school system Abstract
Aguiar, Maria Margarida
Education, University of Toronto - CANADA, 1994
Un aventurier Portugais en extreme-orient au XVIe siecle : contribution a l'etude de la mentalite de Fernao Mendes Pinto Abstract
Almeida, Fernando Antonio
Social Sciences, Universite de Liege - BELGIUM, 1969
Converting Land into Property in the Portuguese Atlantic World, 16th--18th Century Abstract
Alveal, Carmen
History, The Johns Hopkins University - UNITED STATES, 2007
How to Expect the Portuguese Inquisition Abstract
Anderson, Robert Warren
Economics, George Mason University - UNITED STATES, 2011
Ilhas riqueza, ilhas miseria. A representacao literaria da insularidadde num triangulo atlantico lusofono Abstract
Areias, Maria Laura Pereira
Romance Literature, Tulane University - UNITED STATES, 2000
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