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IJPDS accepts thesis abstracts for publication, which address historical and contemporary topics related to the Portuguese diaspora, from the 15th century to the present. Topics may include overseas expansion, colonial history, commerce, trade, migration, immigrant communities, return migration, impact of the diaspora on Portugal, among others.

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Sociolinguistic (re)constructions of diaspora portugueseness: Portuguese-Canadian youth in Toronto Abstract
da Silva, Emanuel A.
French - Linguistics, University of Toronto - CANADA, 2011
The Portuguese in the Amazon Valley, 1872-1920 (Brazil) Abstract
da Silva, Maria Ines Abreu Oiveira Luzes
History, University of Southampton - UNITED KINGDOM, 1988
The Emergence of Woman: Reviewing the Concept of Açorianidade Abstract
De Amaral, Irene
Portuguese Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - UNITED STATES, 2012
The Female Brazilian Student in Portugal – Self-identity and On-line Media Repercussion Abstract
De Avillez, Roberta Antunes Chrysóstomo
Philosophy, Communication and Information, University of Coimbra
Le Supplément Glacial A União das Letras e das Artes (1967-1974) et l'affirmation du champ littéraire açorien Abstract
De Melo Ponte, Lusa Maria
Ecole Doctorale IV Civilisations, Cultures, Littératures et Sociétés, Université Paris-Sorbonne - FRANCE, 2010
Método e arte: criação urbana e organização territorial na capitania de São Paulo, 1765-1811 Abstract
Derntl, Maria Fernanda
Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, Universidade de São Paulo - BRAZIL, 2010
A Emigração Clandestina do Sotavento do Algarve para Marrocos Durante o Estado Novo Abstract
Dias, Maria do Livramento
Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais, University of Algarve
A Political Transatlantic Tradition: Studying Portugal and North America Abstract
Dias, Elsa Maria
History, Purdue University - UNITED STATES, 2004
Deux langues en contact le français et le portugais dans les communautés de Paris et de Montréal Abstract
Dias, Maria Manuela Vieira Lisboa
French, University of Toronto - CANADA, 1990
Beauty and Ugliness in Early Modern Iberian Literature Abstract
Dodman, Maria João
Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronyo - CANADA, 2007
Language, Culture and Identity Negotiation: Three Generations of Three Immigrant Families in Toronto Abstract
Eamer, Allyson
Graduate Studies, York University - CANADA, 2008
From Immigrant to Ethnic: A Study of Portuguese-Americans in Bristol, Rhode Island (Azoreans, Parades, Festivals, New England, Assimilation) Abstract
Edelstein, Eleanor
Anthropology, The American University - UNITED STATES, 1986
Anglo-French Relations Concerning Spain and Portugal and their American Colonies, 1822-1827 Abstract
Fair, Eugene R
History, The University of Iowa - UNITED STATES, 1938
Life on a shelf: the silencing and immobilizing of a people Abstract
Faria, Anna M.
Not available, Mount Saint Vincent University
Tudo Se Pasou: Portuguese Men's Perceptions of Fatherhood After Settlement in Canada Abstract
Fernandes, Mark Anthony
Sociology, University of Guelph - CANADA, 2005
A logic of ethnicity: a study of the significance and classification of ethnic identity among Montreal Portuguese Abstract
Fernandez, Ronald Louis
Department of Anthropology, McGill University- CANADA, 1978
The Portuguese Language in Trinidad and Tobago: A Study of Language Shift and Language Death Abstract
Ferreira, Jo-Anne Sharon
Modern Languages and Linguistics, The University of the West Indies, St Augustine
Belonging to the crown: Ethnicity and gender roles in a Portuguese-American feast Abstract
Fertig, Barbara Conway
Social Sciences, Folklore, The George Washington University - UNITED STATES, 1993
Ary dos Santos: The Voice of the Resistance to the Salazarista Dictatorship Abstract
Figueiredo, Cecília Amaral
Portuguese Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - UNITED STATES, 2011
Figueiredo, Jose Moreira
Education, Boston University - UNITED STATES, 1985.
"Des quebecois importes et leurs niches economiques": L'immigration et l'expression de l'ethnicite dans les pratiques economiques des portugais independants du Quebec Abstract
Fonseca, Felix
Anthropology, Universite Laval - CANADA, 1999
Losing Touch the Early School Leaving of Four Young Portuguese-Canadian Men Abstract
Fonseca, Susana
Education, Queen's University - CANADA, 2010
Imagens do estrangeiro no Diário de Miguel Torga Abstract
Gago, Dora Maria
Literatures, New University of Lisbon - PORTUGAL, 2007
Portuguese-Americans and Mental Health Treatment Client-Therapist Ethnic Match, Ethnic Identity, And Satisfaction with Treatment Abstract
Gamble, Katherine
Clinical Psychology, Old Dominion University - UNITED STATES, 2000
The private/public dialectic and the historical transformation of women's roles in the Azores Abstract
Goldman, Roberta Ellen
Anthropology, University of Florida - UNITED STATES, 1989
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