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IJPDS accepts thesis abstracts for publication, which address historical and contemporary topics related to the Portuguese diaspora, from the 15th century to the present. Topics may include overseas expansion, colonial history, commerce, trade, migration, immigrant communities, return migration, impact of the diaspora on Portugal, among others.

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Poundharoldian Hubris: Translighting the Art of Poetry Abstract
Molina, José
Portuguese Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Exiled Home: Criminal Deportee Forced Return Migrants and Transnational Identity, the Azorean Example Abstract
Moniz, Miguel
Anthropology, Brown University - UNITED STATES, 2004
La morphologie derivationnelle des noms: Etude comparative francias-portugais Abstract
Moniz, Coralia Maria Correia Reid
Linguistics, Universite de Sherbrooke - CANADA, 2005
Creolised and Colonised: The History and Future of the Macanese and Mozambican Chinese Abstract
Morais, Isabel Maria da Costa
Sociology, University of Hong Kong (People's Republic of China) - CHINA, 2003
Negotiating Linguistic Diversity in World Englishes and World Portugueses Abstract
Morais, Kátia Vieira
English, University of Arizona - UNITED STATES, 2010
Explorações Educacionais (Educational Explorations: Schooling Experiences of Second-Generation Portuguese Canadian Students Abstract
Morgado, Vickie
Education, Brock University - CANADA, 2009
The Catholic Church, religious orders and the making of politics in colonial Mozambique: The case of the diocese of Beira, 1940--1974 Abstract
Morier-Genoud, Eric Donald
Sociology, State University of New York at Binghamton - UNITED STATES, 2006
Colonialism, liberation, and structural-adjustment in the modern world-economy: Mozambique, South Africa, Great Britain, and Portugal and the formation of Southern Africa (before and under European hegemony) Abstract
Mota Lopes, Jose Augusto Migueis da
Sociology, State University of New York at Binghamton - UNITED STATES, 2005
The Portuguese of the U.S. from 1880 to 1990: Distinctiveness in Work Patterns Across Gender, Nativity and Place Abstract
Mulcahy (de Sa), Maria Gloria
Sociology, Brown University - UNITED STATES, 2003
A Whale of a Thing: Transformations from Whale Hunting to Whale Watching in Lajes do Pico Abstract
Neves-Graça, Katja
Social Anthropolgy, York University - CANADA, 2002
Merida No More: Portuguese Redware in Newfoundland Abstract
Newstead, Sarah
Anthropology, Memorial University of Newfoundland - CANADA, 2008
Europeanizing responses to labor market challenges in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal: The importance of consultative and incorporative policy-making` Abstract
Nicholls, Kate
Political Science, University of Notre Dame - UNITED STATES, 2007
Family life-worlds and social injuries: three generations of Portuguese-Canadians Abstract
Noivo, Edite A.
Sociology, Université de Montréal - CANADA, 1993
Portuguese-Canadians and academic underachievement a community-based participatory research project Abstract
Nunes, Fernando Jose Cristovao
Adult Education, Community Development, OISE- University of Toronto - CANADA, 1999
Contested Belongings: Crowding the Portuguese-Speaking Diaspora in Canada Abstract
Pacheco, Debbie
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, U. of T. - CANADA, 2004
Portuguese-American Speech: An Outline Of Speech Conditions Among Portuguese Immigrants In New England And Elsewhere In The United States Abstract
Pap, Leo
Languages, Columbia University - UNITED STATES, 1950
The Region in the Village: An Ethnography of the Local Production of Regionality in the Alto Douro of Northern Portugal Abstract
Parkhurst, Shawn Schweppe
Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley - UNITED STATES, 2000
Pilgrimage to the islands of my ancestors: Roots and wings. A multidisciplinary study of transformation Abstract
pasle-green, Jeanne Marie Indeviz Machado Da Costa Da Rocha
Anthropology/Sociology, California Institute of Integral Studies - UNITED STATES, 2000
Resources and Family Power: Portuguese Adolescents in a New England City Abstract
Penczer, Lynne Owen
Anthropology, Yale University - UNITED STATES, 1986
Dropping Out or Opting Out? A Qualitative Study on How Young Men of Portuguese Ancestry in Toronto Perceive Masculinity and How this Informs Educational Attainmen Abstract
Pereira, David
Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto - CANADA, 2011
Homogeneous versus heterogeneous environments for Portuguese and Italian elderly in Toronto Abstract
Pereira, Irene
Unavailable, University of Waterloo- CANADA, 1991
Emigration Portugaise et Developpement Inegal: Les Acoreens au Quebec Abstract
Pereira-da-Rosa, Victor Manuel
Anthropology, McGill University - CANADA, 1980
A Festa do Divino Espirito Santo: The expression of meaning in an Azorean-American context Abstract
Pettis, Stephen Jerome
Anthropology, Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission, UNITED STATES, 1996
Phillips, William Kenneth
dult Education, University of Georgia - UNITED STATES, 1982
Ambiguous Citizenship: The Siddis of Uttara Kannada, India Abstract
Pinto, Mark Sebastian
Departamento de Ciência Política e Políticas Públicas, Escola de Sociologia e Políticas Públicas, ISCTE-IUL
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