The Azorean culture: An examination in insularity's formulation of a culture within a culture

Rita Bohn
Sociology, California State University, Dominguez Hills - UNITED STATES, 2003.
May, 2003


To understand the Azorean culture is to study the experience of the people of these solitary islands. The isolated nature of the Azorean islands has many years after their settlement formulated attitudes and customs that, are now unique from mainland Portugal. A study of the background of the people of these islands, the ideas of their people, the art developed by their people, and the music and dance these people cherish and preserve will deliver insight into the unique culture that has developed apart from mainland Portugal. This thesis is developed from printed sources and the experience of the author. The information presented will be categorized according to the history of the Azores, the Azorean culture, Azorean culture expressed in literature, art forms of the Azores, and the music and dance of the Azorean culture.