Drinking, heavy drinking and problem drinking among Montreal Portuguese

Jose Manoel Bertolote
Department of Psychiatry, McGill University- CANADA, 1978
January, 2012
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Master's Thesis


Using the self-report approach, 110 Montreal Portuguese were surveyed on their drinking practices and social performance, with a newly developed, disguised questionnaire. It was found that:

- they start drinking early in life;
- their drinking patterns fall within the following categories: abstainers(14.5%); occasional, light drinkers (13.6%); infrequent, light drinkers (14.5%); frequent, light drinkers (22.7%); frequent, moderate drinkers (23.6%); and frequent, heavy drinkers (10.9%);
- the only socio-demographic variables significantly associated with drinking pattern are sex and length of residence in Montreal;
- the beverage most frequently used is homemade wine, usually drunk at meal times and considered part of the daily diet;
- they show a low rate of problem drinking (2.7%), when measuring it by the most commonly used indicators in North America. The possibility remains that a higher rate could be found if other areas of performance are investigated.

An interpretation of the findings based on socio-cultural and economic factors is proposed.