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IJPDS accepts thesis abstracts for publication, which address historical and contemporary topics related to the Portuguese diaspora, from the 15th century to the present. Topics may include overseas expansion, colonial history, commerce, trade, migration, immigrant communities, return migration, impact of the diaspora on Portugal, among others.

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Contextualizing place: the Portuguese community in Toronto Abstract
Abreu-Ferreira, Darlene
Graduate Studies, York University- CANADA, 1994
The cod trade in early-modern Portugal deregulation, English domination, and the decline of female cod merchants Abstract
Abreu-Ferreira, Darlene
History, Memorial University of Newfoundland - CANADA, 1995
Putting Rungs on the Ladder: Portuguese Emigration, Return Migration and the Restructuring of Northern Rural Society Abstract
Acheson, Julianna
Anthropology, The University of Arizona - UNITED STATES, 1990
Childhood, schooling, family, and community: reflections of mothers Abstract
Aguiar, Margarida
Adult Education, Community Development and CounseIling Psychology, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/Toronto University - CANADA, 2001
The dirt on the contract building cleaning industry in Toronto cleanliness and work reorganization Abstract
Aguiar, Luis Leonardo Marques
Sociology, York University - CANADA, 1999
The school and immigration histories of women from the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores region of Portugal: Its impact on their relationship with their children's education within Toronto's elementary school system Abstract
Aguiar, Maria Margarida
Education, University of Toronto - CANADA, 1994
Un aventurier Portugais en extreme-orient au XVIe siecle : contribution a l'etude de la mentalite de Fernao Mendes Pinto Abstract
Almeida, Fernando Antonio
Social Sciences, Universite de Liege - BELGIUM, 1969
Converting Land into Property in the Portuguese Atlantic World, 16th--18th Century Abstract
Alveal, Carmen
History, The Johns Hopkins University - UNITED STATES, 2007
How to Expect the Portuguese Inquisition Abstract
Anderson, Robert Warren
Economics, George Mason University - UNITED STATES, 2011
Ilhas riqueza, ilhas miseria. A representacao literaria da insularidadde num triangulo atlantico lusofono Abstract
Areias, Maria Laura Pereira
Romance Literature, Tulane University - UNITED STATES, 2000
Avery, Thomas Leroy
Social Sciences, Folklore, Indiana University - UNITED STATES, 1984
Cultural Encounters in a Global World Abstract
Azevedo, Guilherme
Management, McGill University - CANADA, 2010
International Labor Movements: Portuguese Emigration to the United States, 1820-1930 Abstract
Baganha, Maria Ioannis Benis
History, Univesity of Pennsylvania - UNITED STATES, 1988
Stirring the Melting Pot: Food and the Performance of Inclusion in Newark’s Ironbound Neighborhood Abstract
Baptista, Lori Danielle Barcliff
Performance Studies, Northwestern University - UNITED STATES, 2009
The Combined Effects of Trauma and Immigration on Portuguese Female Immigrants Abstract
Barbosa, Fatima
Psychology, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology - UNITED STATES, 2005
Os Jesuítas, a Universidade de Coimbra e a Igreja Brasileira, Subsídios para a Historia do Regalismo em Portugal e no Brasil, 1750-1850 (Portuguese Text) Abstract
Beal, Tarcisio
History, The Catholic University of America - UNITED STATES, 1969
A study of the acculturation of cultural minority social workers to Canadian values through social work education Abstract
Bell, Bernice H.
Social Work, A study of the acculturation of cultural minority social workers to Canadian values through social work education
Effects of Portuguese Heritage Schooling (Escolas Oficiais Portuguesas) On Language Attitudes, Cultural Identity, Academic Performance, and Educational Aspirations Of Portuguese American Students: A Comparative Study Abstract
Bento, Antonio Maria Veloso
Education, University of Massachusetts Lowell - UNITED STATES, 2000
Fatal Attractions in Luso-Brazilian Literature: A Study of Machado de Assis, Eca de Queiros and Contemporary Poets Abstract
Berry-Horton, Glenna
Hispanic Languages and Literatures, University of California, Santa Barbara - UNITED STATES, 2005
Drinking, heavy drinking and problem drinking among Montreal Portuguese Abstract
Bertolote, Jose Manoel
Department of Psychiatry, McGill University- CANADA, 1978
Diplomatic struggles: British support in Spain and Portugal, 1800--1810 Abstract
Black, Jr., Frederick H.
History, The Florida State University - UNITED STATES, 2005
Achieving Full Citizenship: An Institutional Approach to the Political Incorporation of Immigrants and Refugees in the United States and Canada Abstract
Bloemraad, Irene Hanneke Ina
Sociology, Harvard University - UNITED STATES, 2003
The Azorean culture: An examination in insularity's formulation of a culture within a culture Abstract
Bohn, Rita
Sociology, California State University, Dominguez Hills - UNITED STATES, 2003.
Portuguese in Two Worlds: A Historical Study of Migration from Algarve to Argentina Abstract
Borges, Marcelo
History, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - UNITED STATES, 1997
The Relationship of Relevant Curriculum Materials to the Achievement of First Grade Portuguese Bilingual Students Abstract
Botelho, Joao P.
Education, Boston University - UNITED STATES, 1983
Constituting ethnic difference : an ethnography of the Portuguese immigrant experience in Vancouver Abstract
Boulter, Alison Isobel
Anthropology and Sociology, University of British Columbia- CANADA, 1978
Boutte, Marie Irene
Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley - UNITED STATES, 1987
Finding their Place in the World Brazilian Migrant Identities in an Interconnected World Abstract
Brasch, Katherine
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/Toronto University - CANADA, 2009
A Banda da Terra: Bandas Filarmonicas and the Performance of Place in Portugal Abstract
Brucher, Katherine M.
Music, University of Michigan - UNITED STATES, 2005
Portuguese Interest in Settlement in Sixteenth-century Northeastern North America: A historiographical reassessment Abstract
Burton, Emily
History, Saint Mary’s University - CANADA, 2005
Anglo-Portuguese Relations from 1898--1914 Especially in Reference to the Portuguese African Colonies Abstract
Cabaniss, Mamie Louise
History, Atlanta University - UNITED STATES, 1937
Better serving immigrant children and families: a Winnipeg Child and Family Services Study Abstract
Cabigting, Mary Joyce
Social Work, University of Manitoba- CANADA, 2002
Portingles, the Language of Portuguese-Speaking People in Selected English-Speaking Communities (Massachusetts) Abstract
Cabral, Adalino
Education, Boston College - UNITED STATES, 1985
Portuguese - American Feasting: Tradition and Change in New Bedford, Massachusetts Abstract
Cabral, Stephen Leonard
Anthropology, Brown University - UNITED STATES, 1978
Evolution des vestiges portugais : quelle integration dans le Maroc contemporain? Abstract
Carabelli, Romeo
Sociology?, Universite Francois-Rabelais - FRANCE, 1999
Patterns of Growth and Development of the Human Skeleton and Dentition in Relation to Environmental Quality: A Biocultural Analysis of a Sample of 20th Century Portuguese Subadult-Documented Skeletons Abstract
Cardoso, Hugo F. V.
Anthropology, McMaster University - CANADA, 2006
Settlement Crossroads: Portuguese Migrants in Australia Abstract
Casimiro, Suzy
Psychology, University of New South Wales - AUSTRALIA, 2002
The tenth isle Abstract
Cazort, Virginia
Sociology, Northeastern University, Massachusetts - UNITED STATES, 1991
The Economics of One Hundred Years of Emigration and Remittances in Portugal Abstract
Chaney, Rick Lamont
Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - UNITED STATES, 1984
The Tides of Migration: A Study of Migration Decision-Making and Social Process in Sao Miguel, Azores Abstract
Chapin, Anne White Frances
Sociology, The University of Wisconsin - Madison, UNITED STATES, 1980
Imperial excess: Corruption and decadence in Portuguese India (1660--1706) Abstract
Chaturvedula, Nandini
History, Columbia University - UNITED STATES, 2010
Adaptive Place-Making and Urban Agriculture Inform the Design of a Portuguese Canadian Cultural Center in West Toronto Abstract
Chaves, Derek Coutinho
Architecture, Dalhousie University - CANADA, 2010
Factors that affect the decisions of racial/ethnic minorites to enter and stay in teachingand the implications for school boards' teacher recruitment and retention policies [microform] Abstract
Cheng, Maisey L.
Education, University of Toronto- CANADA, 2002
Rock solid: African laborers on the diamond mines of the Companhia de Diamantes de Angola (Diamang), 1917--1975 Abstract
Cleveland,, Todd Charles
History, University of Minnesota - UNITED STATES, 2008
Deserving Citizenship? Canadian Immigration Policy and 'Low Skilled' Portuguese Workers in Toronto Abstract
Clifton, Jonathan
Geography, University of BritishColumbia - CANADA, 2008
L'exil politique portugais en France et en Espagne 1927-1940 Abstract
Climaco, Ana Cristina Pereira
Plotics?, Universite de Paris VII (Denis Diderot) - FRANCE, 1998
Ana de Castro Osório and the Portuguese Republican Woman: Vehicle of Regeneration of the Nation and of Preservation of the National Identity Abstract
Cordeiro, Celia Carmen
Spanish and Portuguese, University of Minnesota - UNITED STATES, 2012
Poétique de la réception du personnage chez Saramago. Analyse de L'Évangile selon Jésus-Christ au regard de ses divers effets de lectur Abstract
Cosenza, Barbara Chevallier
Littérature, Université Laval - CANADA, 2008
Jorge de Sena's Correspondence: Another Space of his Oeuvre Abstract
Costa, Jose
Hispanic Literature and Linguistics, University of Massachusetts Amherst - UNITED STATES, 2002
Ethics and aesthetics of irony in José Rodrigues Miguéis’s fiction Abstract
Da Costa, Georges
Etudes du monde lusophone, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3
Sociolinguistic (re)constructions of diaspora portugueseness: Portuguese-Canadian youth in Toronto Abstract
da Silva, Emanuel A.
French - Linguistics, University of Toronto - CANADA, 2011
The Portuguese in the Amazon Valley, 1872-1920 (Brazil) Abstract
da Silva, Maria Ines Abreu Oiveira Luzes
History, University of Southampton - UNITED KINGDOM, 1988
The Emergence of Woman: Reviewing the Concept of Açorianidade Abstract
De Amaral, Irene
Portuguese Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - UNITED STATES, 2012
The Female Brazilian Student in Portugal – Self-identity and On-line Media Repercussion Abstract
De Avillez, Roberta Antunes Chrysóstomo
Philosophy, Communication and Information, University of Coimbra
Le Supplément Glacial A União das Letras e das Artes (1967-1974) et l'affirmation du champ littéraire açorien Abstract
De Melo Ponte, Lusa Maria
Ecole Doctorale IV Civilisations, Cultures, Littératures et Sociétés, Université Paris-Sorbonne - FRANCE, 2010
Método e arte: criação urbana e organização territorial na capitania de São Paulo, 1765-1811 Abstract
Derntl, Maria Fernanda
Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, Universidade de São Paulo - BRAZIL, 2010
A Emigração Clandestina do Sotavento do Algarve para Marrocos Durante o Estado Novo Abstract
Dias, Maria do Livramento
Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais, University of Algarve
A Political Transatlantic Tradition: Studying Portugal and North America Abstract
Dias, Elsa Maria
History, Purdue University - UNITED STATES, 2004
Deux langues en contact le français et le portugais dans les communautés de Paris et de Montréal Abstract
Dias, Maria Manuela Vieira Lisboa
French, University of Toronto - CANADA, 1990
Beauty and Ugliness in Early Modern Iberian Literature Abstract
Dodman, Maria João
Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronyo - CANADA, 2007
Language, Culture and Identity Negotiation: Three Generations of Three Immigrant Families in Toronto Abstract
Eamer, Allyson
Graduate Studies, York University - CANADA, 2008
From Immigrant to Ethnic: A Study of Portuguese-Americans in Bristol, Rhode Island (Azoreans, Parades, Festivals, New England, Assimilation) Abstract
Edelstein, Eleanor
Anthropology, The American University - UNITED STATES, 1986
Anglo-French Relations Concerning Spain and Portugal and their American Colonies, 1822-1827 Abstract
Fair, Eugene R
History, The University of Iowa - UNITED STATES, 1938
Life on a shelf: the silencing and immobilizing of a people Abstract
Faria, Anna M.
Not available, Mount Saint Vincent University
Tudo Se Pasou: Portuguese Men's Perceptions of Fatherhood After Settlement in Canada Abstract
Fernandes, Mark Anthony
Sociology, University of Guelph - CANADA, 2005
A logic of ethnicity: a study of the significance and classification of ethnic identity among Montreal Portuguese Abstract
Fernandez, Ronald Louis
Department of Anthropology, McGill University- CANADA, 1978
The Portuguese Language in Trinidad and Tobago: A Study of Language Shift and Language Death Abstract
Ferreira, Jo-Anne Sharon
Modern Languages and Linguistics, The University of the West Indies, St Augustine
Belonging to the crown: Ethnicity and gender roles in a Portuguese-American feast Abstract
Fertig, Barbara Conway
Social Sciences, Folklore, The George Washington University - UNITED STATES, 1993
Ary dos Santos: The Voice of the Resistance to the Salazarista Dictatorship Abstract
Figueiredo, Cecília Amaral
Portuguese Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - UNITED STATES, 2011
Figueiredo, Jose Moreira
Education, Boston University - UNITED STATES, 1985.
"Des quebecois importes et leurs niches economiques": L'immigration et l'expression de l'ethnicite dans les pratiques economiques des portugais independants du Quebec Abstract
Fonseca, Felix
Anthropology, Universite Laval - CANADA, 1999
Losing Touch the Early School Leaving of Four Young Portuguese-Canadian Men Abstract
Fonseca, Susana
Education, Queen's University - CANADA, 2010
Imagens do estrangeiro no Diário de Miguel Torga Abstract
Gago, Dora Maria
Literatures, New University of Lisbon - PORTUGAL, 2007
Portuguese-Americans and Mental Health Treatment Client-Therapist Ethnic Match, Ethnic Identity, And Satisfaction with Treatment Abstract
Gamble, Katherine
Clinical Psychology, Old Dominion University - UNITED STATES, 2000
The private/public dialectic and the historical transformation of women's roles in the Azores Abstract
Goldman, Roberta Ellen
Anthropology, University of Florida - UNITED STATES, 1989
Immigrants in the multicultural/multilingual workplace: ways of communicating and experience at work Abstract
Goldstein, Tara
Department of Curriculum, Modern Language Centre, University of Toronto- CANADA, 1992
Geography, Perception, and Preservation of Portuguese-American Landscapes in California Abstract
Gregory, Carol Ann
Geography, University of California, Davis - UNITED STATES, 2004
Caught in the web of relations: giving voice to abused Portuguese-speaking immigrant women Abstract
Grossi, Patricia Krieger
Social Work, University of Toronto - CANADA, 1999
Above Paradise Abstract
Gularte, Lara
English, San Jose State University - UNITED STATES, 2006
The Role of Cape Verde Islanders in Organizing and Operating Maritime Trade between West Africa and Iberian Territories, 1441-1616 Abstract
Hall, Paul Trevor
History, The Johns Hopkins University - UNITED STATES, 1993
Between two worlds: A case study in capitalism and migration in the central Azores Abstract
Harder, Ronald James
Anthropology, University of Florida - UNITED STATES, 1989
Test-retest reliability of the Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly (HHIE-S) for the Azorean Portuguese-speaking elderly Abstract
Helfner-Mitchell, Francine Gail
Health, Central Michigan University - UNITED STATES, 2001
Portuguese-Canadians and their academic underachievement in high school in British Columbia: the case of an invisible minority Abstract
Henrique, Santos
School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University- CANADA, 2006
Evaluation of long-term implications of social policies: the 1967 Immigration Act as a case study Abstract
Hernandez, Marcela
Department of Graduate Studies, University of Windsor- CANADA, 1994
Breaking the bonds of silence: The immigrant experience in magical realist novels of Katherine Vaz and Chitra Divakaruni Abstract
Hester, Hillary Dawn
English, East Tennessee State University - UNITED STATES, 2003
A study of the segmental phonemes of two Portuguese dialects Abstract
Hilckmann, Mina Estrela Machado
Department of Modern Languages, Simon Fraser University- CANADA, 1970
Constructing Otherness: Nationhood and Immigration Politics in Portuguese Post-Colonial Society Abstract
Horta, Ana Paula Beja
Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Fraser University - CANADA, 2000
The salience of ethnicity: occupation and ethnic manifestations among the Portuguese in Vancouver Abstract
Horta, Ana Paula Beja
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Fraser University- CANADA, 1989
The French Invasion of Portugal, 1810-1811 Abstract
Howard, Donald David
History, University of Minnesota - UNITED STATES, 1962
Feelings of Powerlessness, Self Concept and Acculturation in Portuguese Immigrant Mothers (Massachusetts) Abstract
Howland, Charles
Education, Boston College - UNITED STATES, 1982
Portugal and the Plata: The Conflict of Luso-Hispanic Interests in Southern Brazil and the North Bank of the Rio De La Plata, 1493-1807 Abstract
Hutchins, John A.
History, The American University - UNITED STATES, 1953
Iida, Maria Lia Miranda
Psychology, Universite de Montreal - CANADA, 1975
Immigrant In/visibility: Portuguese and North Africans in post-colonial France Abstract
Jelen, Brigitte
History, University of California, Irvine - UNITED STATES, 2007
The Oldest European Alliance: The Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1661 Abstract
Johnson, Annis Marie
English History, University of Nebraska - UNITED STATES, 1916
La relation entre le niveau d'education des adultes d'un groupe ethnique et la réussite académique au secondaire étude de cas des Luso-canadiens, des Indo-canadiens et des Canado-jamaicains à Toronto en 2001 Abstract
Jonathas, Johanne
Sociology and Anthropology, University of Ottawa - CANADA, 2010
Accommodation and cultural persistence: the case of the Sikhs and the Portuguese in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia Abstract
Joy, Annamma
Department of Anthropology/Scoiology, University of British Columbia- CANADA, 1985
The Indian Policy of Portugal in the Amazon Region, 1614-1693 Abstract
Kiemen, Mathias C.
History, The Catholic University of America - UNITED STATES, 1954
An Analysis of the Components of Migration: Viana Do Castelo, Minho, 1826-1931 (Portugal) Abstract
Kitts, Arno
Sociology, University of Southampton - UNITED KINGDOM, 1988
Embodying the Un/Home: African Immigration to Portugal and Spain Abstract
Knudson-Vilaseca,, Emily Ann
Spanish and Portuguese, Univesity of Minnesota - UNITED STATES, 2007
Multiple discourses of literacy meaning-making: case studies of two English and French classrooms Abstract
Langford, Helen G.
Department of Second Language Education, McGill University- CANADA, 2000
Lavigne, Gilles
Geography?, Universite de Montreal - CANADA, 1979
Cultural Persistence in a Portuguese-American Community Abstract
Leder, Hans Howard
Anthropology, Stanford University - UNITED STATES, 1968
Oral Academic Registers Among University Students of Portuguese Abstract
Lee, Alexander F.
Portuguese Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, United States, 2010
Portugal and Emigration, 1855-1914 Abstract
Leite, Joaquim da Costa
History, Columbia University - UNITED STATES, 1994
Itineraires portugais de Tunis, de Livourne et d'Amsterdam au XIXe siecle : nation, communautes, familles, entreprises Abstract
Levy, Lionel
Geography?, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes - FRANCE, 1997
Schooling In Little Portugal: The Portuguese Experience Abstract
Libertucci, Amelia
Department of Theory and Policy Studies, OISE. University of Toronto - CANADA, 2011
Relocation and family life: a study of the social and psychological consequences of urban renewal Abstract
Lipman, Marvin Harold
Department of Social Work, University of Toronto- CANADA, 1968
Faces de Jano: A Identidades Nacional nos Estados Novos de Salazar e Getúlio, 1933-1945 Abstract
Liu, Yi
Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Brown University - UNITED STATES, 2009
Racial Microaggressions and the Black Immigrants Living in Portugal Abstract
Lopez, Rita de Oliveira Braga
Psychology, John F. Kennedy University - UNITED STATES, 2011
The Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1654 Abstract
Lynch, Mary Alice
English History, University of Nebraska - UNITED STATES, 1912
Cognitive Aggregate and Social Group: The Ethnic Portuguese of Honolulu (Hawaii) Abstract
MacDonald, James John
Anthropology, University of Hawai'i - UNITES STATES, 1982
The structure of Portuguese society during the period 1926-1976 Abstract
Machado, Diamantino Pereira
Political science, Temple University - UNITED STATES, 1989.
Generative-transformational sketch of Portuguese syntax : a computer model Abstract
Machado-Holsti, Miña Estrela
Linguistics, University of British Columbia - CANADA, 1974
Four writers being political on their own terms : feminist, class and cultural identity discourses across continents (Mia Couto, Jose Saramago, Clarice Lispector, J.M. Coetzee) Abstract
Marques, Irene
Modern languages, University of Toronte
Des neo-Canadiens integres: Les Portugais de Hull Abstract
Martin, Rozenn Marguerite
Geography, University of Ottawa - CANADA, 1999
Shaping the meaning of old age: exploring differences in resources and opportunities among immigrant seniors Abstract
Martyn, Carol
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Fraser Univeristy-CANADA, 1993
From the margins to the centre?: a case study of the integration of culturally diverse students' first language into the mainstream curriculum of an elementary school Abstract
Marujo, Maria Manuela Vaz
Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, University of Toronto- CANADA, 1999
The Revolt of Dom Jeronimo Chingulia of Mombasa, 1590-1637 (An African Episode in the Portuguese Century of Decline) Abstract
Mbuia-Joao, Tome Nhamitambo
History, The Catholic University of America - UNITED STATES, 1990
Nested tales: Gendered representations of an Azorean festival cycle Abstract
McClard, Anne Page
Anthropology, Brown University - UNITED STATES, 2005.
Valuing minority children and their languages in Japan: Discourses and identities in a Portuguese, English, and Japanese community language school Abstract
McMahill, Cheiron S.
Education, Lancaster University - UNITED KINGDOM, 2006
Medeiros, Lidia Avils da Silveira
School of Education, Boston University - UNITED STATES, 1983
Mello, Janaina Cardoso de
Program in Social History, Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), BRAZIL, 2009
The life history of Portuguese return migrants a Canadian-Azorean case study Abstract
Melo, Pedro Miguel
Geography, York University - CANADA, 1997
Not Ashamed or Afraid Portuguese Immigrant Women in Toronto's Cleaning Industry, 1950s-1995 Abstract
Miranda, Paula Susana Ferreira
History, York University - CANADA, 2010
Moitoza, Everett
Education, Boston University School of Education - UNITED STATES, 1980
Poundharoldian Hubris: Translighting the Art of Poetry Abstract
Molina, José
Portuguese Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Exiled Home: Criminal Deportee Forced Return Migrants and Transnational Identity, the Azorean Example Abstract
Moniz, Miguel
Anthropology, Brown University - UNITED STATES, 2004
La morphologie derivationnelle des noms: Etude comparative francias-portugais Abstract
Moniz, Coralia Maria Correia Reid
Linguistics, Universite de Sherbrooke - CANADA, 2005
Creolised and Colonised: The History and Future of the Macanese and Mozambican Chinese Abstract
Morais, Isabel Maria da Costa
Sociology, University of Hong Kong (People's Republic of China) - CHINA, 2003
Negotiating Linguistic Diversity in World Englishes and World Portugueses Abstract
Morais, Kátia Vieira
English, University of Arizona - UNITED STATES, 2010
Explorações Educacionais (Educational Explorations: Schooling Experiences of Second-Generation Portuguese Canadian Students Abstract
Morgado, Vickie
Education, Brock University - CANADA, 2009
The Catholic Church, religious orders and the making of politics in colonial Mozambique: The case of the diocese of Beira, 1940--1974 Abstract
Morier-Genoud, Eric Donald
Sociology, State University of New York at Binghamton - UNITED STATES, 2006
Colonialism, liberation, and structural-adjustment in the modern world-economy: Mozambique, South Africa, Great Britain, and Portugal and the formation of Southern Africa (before and under European hegemony) Abstract
Mota Lopes, Jose Augusto Migueis da
Sociology, State University of New York at Binghamton - UNITED STATES, 2005
The Portuguese of the U.S. from 1880 to 1990: Distinctiveness in Work Patterns Across Gender, Nativity and Place Abstract
Mulcahy (de Sa), Maria Gloria
Sociology, Brown University - UNITED STATES, 2003
A Whale of a Thing: Transformations from Whale Hunting to Whale Watching in Lajes do Pico Abstract
Neves-Graça, Katja
Social Anthropolgy, York University - CANADA, 2002
Merida No More: Portuguese Redware in Newfoundland Abstract
Newstead, Sarah
Anthropology, Memorial University of Newfoundland - CANADA, 2008
Europeanizing responses to labor market challenges in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal: The importance of consultative and incorporative policy-making` Abstract
Nicholls, Kate
Political Science, University of Notre Dame - UNITED STATES, 2007
Family life-worlds and social injuries: three generations of Portuguese-Canadians Abstract
Noivo, Edite A.
Sociology, Université de Montréal - CANADA, 1993
Portuguese-Canadians and academic underachievement a community-based participatory research project Abstract
Nunes, Fernando Jose Cristovao
Adult Education, Community Development, OISE- University of Toronto - CANADA, 1999
Contested Belongings: Crowding the Portuguese-Speaking Diaspora in Canada Abstract
Pacheco, Debbie
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, U. of T. - CANADA, 2004
Portuguese-American Speech: An Outline Of Speech Conditions Among Portuguese Immigrants In New England And Elsewhere In The United States Abstract
Pap, Leo
Languages, Columbia University - UNITED STATES, 1950
The Region in the Village: An Ethnography of the Local Production of Regionality in the Alto Douro of Northern Portugal Abstract
Parkhurst, Shawn Schweppe
Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley - UNITED STATES, 2000
Pilgrimage to the islands of my ancestors: Roots and wings. A multidisciplinary study of transformation Abstract
pasle-green, Jeanne Marie Indeviz Machado Da Costa Da Rocha
Anthropology/Sociology, California Institute of Integral Studies - UNITED STATES, 2000
Resources and Family Power: Portuguese Adolescents in a New England City Abstract
Penczer, Lynne Owen
Anthropology, Yale University - UNITED STATES, 1986
Dropping Out or Opting Out? A Qualitative Study on How Young Men of Portuguese Ancestry in Toronto Perceive Masculinity and How this Informs Educational Attainmen Abstract
Pereira, David
Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto - CANADA, 2011
Homogeneous versus heterogeneous environments for Portuguese and Italian elderly in Toronto Abstract
Pereira, Irene
Unavailable, University of Waterloo- CANADA, 1991
Emigration Portugaise et Developpement Inegal: Les Acoreens au Quebec Abstract
Pereira-da-Rosa, Victor Manuel
Anthropology, McGill University - CANADA, 1980
A Festa do Divino Espirito Santo: The expression of meaning in an Azorean-American context Abstract
Pettis, Stephen Jerome
Anthropology, Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission, UNITED STATES, 1996
Phillips, William Kenneth
dult Education, University of Georgia - UNITED STATES, 1982
Profile of Portuguese Elderly Nutrition Program Participants: Demographic Characteristics, Nutrition Knowledge, and Practices (Massachusetts) Abstract
Poe, Donna M.
Health and environmental sciences, MGH Institute of Health Professions - UNITED STATES, 1986
Fragments d'autobiographies, suive de, Poetique de l'intranquillite. Ecrire en compagnie de Pessoa Abstract
Poirier, Jacques
Département des lettres françaises, University of Ottawa - CANADA, 2006
Exceptionalism and the Imperial Mystique: National and Colonial Discourse and the Forging of a Portuguese Imperial Identity, 1928--1945 Abstract
Polanah, Paulo S.
History, University of California, Santa Barbara - UNITED STATES, 2005
In the shadows of empires: Trans-imperial networks and colonial identity in Bourbon Rio de la Plata (c.1750 -- c.1813) Abstract
Prado, Fabricio
History, Emory University - UNITED STATES, 2009
The Tenth Island: A Study of Azorean Music, Modern Diaspora, and Transnational Identity Abstract
Pritchard, Gary
Social Science, University of California, Irvine - UNITED STATES, 2006
Feasibility study: research efforts to identify and reach Portuguese-speaking women who are underscreened for cervical cancer Abstract
Rael, Elizabeth Grace Stevens
Graduate Department of Community Health, University of Toronto- CANADA, 2001
Attitudes of Portuguese Students towards Behavioral Disabilities: Preferences and Attributions Abstract
Ribas, Ana Cristina Lopes
Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology - UNITED STATES, 2007
La création d'entreprises par les immigrants: le cas des Québécois d'origine portugaise de la région métropolitaine de recensement de Montréal Abstract
Robichaud, Denis
Sciences de l'administration, Écoles des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal (HÉC), Université de Montréal - CANADA, 2002
A Escultura de Jardim das Quintas e Palácios dos Séculos XVII e XVIII em Portugal Abstract
Rodrigues, Ana Duarte
Art History, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas/Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PORTUGAL, 2009
Early Education Foundation: Portuguese Canadian Mothers’ Preferences and Choices Abstract
Rodrigues, Laudalina Estrela
Education, Brock University, CANADA, 2011
Les compléments infinitifs et gérondifs des verbes de perception en portugais brésilien Abstract
Rodrigues, Patrícia De Araujo
Linguistique, Université du Québec à Montréal - CANADA, 2006
Occupational Mobility of Portuguese Males in New Bedford, Massachusetts: 1870 To 1900 Abstract
Rodrigues, Rose
Political and Social Science, New School for Social Research - UNITED STATES, 1990
Education for the Azorean immigrant descendant: Selected cases from the summer study program at the University of the Azores Abstract
Rogers, Curtis Richard
Education, University of South Carolina - UNITED STATES, 2002
Colonial Routes: Spatial Mobility and Community Formation in the Portuguese Amazon Abstract
Roller, Heather Flynn
History, Stanford University - UNITED STATES, 2010
Activite physique et sante: L'habitus corporel d'ainees immigrantes d'origine portugaise Abstract
Roma, Josianne
Sociology, University of Ottawa - CANADA, 2001
Bodily discourses and Canadian youths' meanings of health, fitness, body and appearance Abstract
Roma-Reardon, Josianne
Sociology- Population Health, University of Ottawa - CANADA, 2007
The Portuguese Working Class in the Durfee Mills of Fall River, Massachusetts: A Study of the Division of Labor, Ethnicity, and Labor Union Participation, 1895-1925 Abstract
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