The Female Brazilian Student in Portugal – Self-identity and On-line Media Repercussion

Roberta Antunes Chrysóstomo De Avillez
Philosophy, Communication and Information, University of Coimbra
August, 2016
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Bachelor in Communication, Advertisement and Marketing, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. Master in Communication and Journalism, University of Coimbra. PhD student in Communication and Culture, Media and Social-cultural mediation research line, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Research on Brazilian migration issues.


The immigrant´s Self being is constituted of its experiences and relationships gathered at the beginning of their journey living abroad from their home country. Thus any immigrant is subjected to continuous process of transmutation and resilience. This research emphasis the construction of the Brazilian female student´s identity as a temporary immigrant, living in Portugal and specifically in Coimbra. The research is framed in a student campaign, “Lista Reset à AAC”, developed in the academic year of 2013/2014 with topics such as xenophobia, sexism, racism and homophobia. The research also attempt to evaluate the On-line campaign repercussion and its relation to the Brazilian student´s self-identity.

Theoretical framework on immigrant social construction and immigrant theories were built upon authors such as Stuart Hall (1980), Morley (2001), Vermeulen (2001), Portes (2004), Ferin (2012) and Santos (2013). In order to understand the Portuguese media and young Brazilian profile it was used authors such as Baudrillard (2011), Canclini (1995), Appadurai (1996), Deleuze & Guattari (2000), Orozco (2001), Ferin & Santos (2006) and reports.

The 14 answers for the On-line interviews spanning different ages were used to establish life path, personal details and migrational path. Further more the On-line data from Google enable to evaluate the campaign repercussion.